Kavousi Village.

Built at the foot of two imposing mountains, is the famous Kavousi, one of the most interesting villages in Ierapetra. Built at an altitude of 140 meters overlooking the, drowned in the olive trees, plain and waters of the Cretan Sea, Kavousi is a historic and very lively village that offers a variety of activities and attractions.

The square with the cafes in the center of the village is the reference point, and around it are the churches of Agios Georgios and the Twelve Apostles that deserve attention.

Just 3 km from the center of the village is the beach of Tholos. There is also some of the evidence of how deeply the roots of the village are lost in history. The ruins of the Roman warehouses stand arrogantly next to the bathers in the summer, while with a little walk we meet the remarkably frescoed church of Agios Antonios.

Opposite is Pseira, an island that thousands of years ago was a key part of Minoan civilization, with a large port and a small state discovered as early as the last century. The view of the island and the whole bay of Merabellos from the area of Platanos to the east of the village is impressive.

Have to visit in Kavousi:
- The ruins of the church of Agios Ioannis, built by a hermit in the Byzantine period, in a cave west of the village, which ends in a small cove in the sea.
- The old copper mine in the place "Chrysokamino" and near it the "Theriospilio", with stalagmites.
- The olive tree of Kavousiou, with a trunk diameter of 17 m, the age of which is estimated at 5,000 years 2km SE.
- The beach of Tholos.

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