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Monastiraki Village 1Ha Gorge (Greek: Φαράγγι Χά) is a canyon on the eastern part of the island of Crete in Greece. It is located in the west slope of Thrypti mountain and near of Monastiraki village in the plain of Ierapetra. The gorge is about 1.5km long, particularly narrow at several points and has walls rising up to 300m. Although there are many different versions about the origin of its name, the one that prevails is etymologically derived from the verb hasko (Greek: χάσκω) meaning to open or part widely, to gape. Ha is considered to be one of the wildest gorges in Crete and one of the most difficult to cross.
Ha Canyon located in Lassithi. The entrance is just three meters, is located at an altitude of 370m. and the output goes downhill and ends at an elevation of 140m. It has about 33 rappels the largest of which reaches a height of 35m. Generally have very narrow walls, with only a few centimeters wide. Towards the end of the gorge waterfall poured a large amount of 215 meters.
The gorge of Ha has 26 technical descents, the largest of which is 30 meters. and almost no walking. That is why the visitors that enter inside are mainly experienced climbers, as it is quite dangerous. Considered one of the wildest gorges of Greece and one of the most difficult to traverse, but one of the 10 most beautiful in Europe.
The canyon has a rich flora and fauna. The ponds are important wetlands for many migratory birds, but also permanently birds and mammals. Since mammalian species is dominated by the Cretan hare, and found and the Cretan weasel (kalogynaikari) and the Cretan badger (Arkalon). She also observed the spiny mouse, a rodent that does not exist elsewhere in Europe and the african wildlife. The canyon will encounter the pine trees and many other species of trees and shrubs, herbs and flowers. Many rare and endangered plant species have found refuge in the great ravine.
monastiraki3An interesting tradition links the name of Ha with the name of the village "Gras", the current settlement Agios Stefanos. There was a saying in Agios Stefanos, a castle that Saracen tried to understand. An old woman who wandered away from the castle bravely fought the Saracens to the sword, until exhausted. She was arrested and asked who is the secret entrance to conquer the castle. The old woman led them into an underground cave and showed them the entrance theoskoteini. The Saracens ordered the old woman to come down first. Gripping the two stones with their hands, hung in limbo and slowly began to step down. Slippery, but try to descend as possible below. Followed by the Saracens. When the old lady went all cried, "Subpar go out!" The last hearing the roar left his hands and plunged into the void parasernontas and everyone else. Swept away the old and which began to laugh as he saw the order to be fulfilled. The hole does not have bottomed sygkoinonouse with another that is in the gorge of Ha. So the people in the area heard the "Ha, ha, ha" candy coming out of the canyon. Since then, the canyon was named Ha. Another tradition interprets differently the history of the gorge. A shepherd driving a pair of oxen from Pachia Ammos on the threshing floor. The time went by oxen in front of the mouth of the canyon tired n sat on the ground. The shepherd then started shouting ... Ha. Ha ... so do the animals to stand up. His voice antilalise the chaos of the canyon, the 'ha' heard from thousands of mouths and the residents of the canyon then called "Ha".
monastiraki1You could say that the canyon is a virgin habitat untouched by humans since the configuration prohibits anyone to know well, to traverse or exploit. The first who crossed in 1987 are three Thessalonians climbers, experienced and adventurous, Stavros Lazaridis, Vlassis Hatzipanagiotou Amatzidis and time it took seven days efforts. Today the canyon is insured and is a heavenly destination for canyoning. The gorge is about 33 rappels, the largest has a height of 35 meters. Some parts are very narrow, with a width of only a few centimeters, which makes it special. In the last third of the canyon poured a waterfall 215 meters height, which increases the amount of water in the canyon enough. Common is the phenomenon until that point Xa be dry and thereafter to have large amounts of water. The waterfall is the largest in Greece and at the end of parafarangou Builder.
Near Ha are old stone mills that are now deserted, monuments of a bygone era. A legend says that in the depths of chaos, in the heart of Ha is buried a golden chariot, pulled by horses gold. And is gold cords, the diamond of Ploumidi. Sparkle in the sun so that it dazzled Crete Cretan bold when someone found the golden chariot. To go to one where it is to be tied with ropes and slip into the rock.


Ha Gorge

Ha Gorge

Ha Gorge is a canyon on the eastern part of the island of Crete in Greece. It is located in the west slope of Thrypti mountain and near of Monastiraki village in the plain of Ierapetra. The gorge is about 1.5km long, particularly narrow at several points and has walls rising up to 300m.



Monastiraki Settlement belongs to the municipality Pachia Ammos is built at an altitude of 180 meters. It is grounded in close to the gorge of Ha. The Church of the Holy Spirit at the foot of the Ha canyon is like a magnet that attracts the eye of the visitor when gaze across the mountain.

Pachia Ammos

Pachia Ammos

Pachia Ammos, located 6 km from Ha Gorge. It is a beach with thick sand and pebbles, which is exposed to winds. The western part of the beach, however, is protected by the breakwater of the harbor that is there, when the sea is calm and clear. The beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.

Ha Camp

Ha Camp

Ha Camp is the most suitable place for your vacation at Lasithi.
Has a perfect view of Ha Canyon
Sunset view of Mirabello Gulf
5.2 Km from the fantastic
Beach of Pachia Ammos
19.4 Km from Ierapetra 
25.6 Km to Aghios Nikolaos 
26.2 Km for boat to Spinaloga
20.3 Km for boat to Chrysi

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Ha Camp offer parked caravans or big tents for 2-4 people for night stop. Our caravans and our tents have 2-4 beds, mini bar refrigerator, electricity for lights, charging cell phones and laptops and wi-fi internet. Our caravans are also equipped with kitchen, WC with shower and toilet. There free parking spaces and great place for kids, as there is plenty of space and a playground for them to run around with sharing BBQ, tables and chairs.

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